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9,90 лв.

Boxer with printed belt - St. Valentine 2

  • Brand: Lord
  • Cat No: 272-3

Stylish cotton men's boxers with elastic band. A motif for Valentine's Day on the belt, and the logo of the brand is written on the front. Through them you can definitely express your individuality.


The print is made by sublimation, in which the ink binds to the fabric at the molecular level. The image is inside the material, not on its surface. When touched by hand, no difference is felt between the print and the base fabric. The textile is as soft as before the transfer.

The print is on staple polyester, which does not differ from cotton in touch. The repeated experiments we have done show that when washing the colors do not drop and do not merge with each other.

The model is comfortable and pleasant to wear. This is achieved thanks to the fabric, whose composition is 90% combed cotton and 10% elastane.

Give yourself a moment of comfort and increase your self-confidence. Experience the lightness and freedom of movement with this unique model of cotton boxers.

Price:9,90 лв.
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